Public Engagements, January-December 2019

London: Tuesday January 8th 8-15pm.
Association of Jungian Analysts
Panel: ‘Open Letter  to the British Journal of Psychotherapy: Reflection, response, discussion’
My talk: ‘AJA Actions – external and internal, present and future, and complicated/controversial’

Edinburgh: Saturday May 11th noon
Sutherland Trust
‘Political violence and the dialectics of hope’

London: Thursday-Friday May 16th-17th
Association for Psychosocial Studies
‘Embracing Risk in Psychotherapy and in Politics: Psychosocial Reflections’

Tallinn, Estonia: Saturday-Sunday June 1st-2nd
Finnish and Estonian Group for Analytical Psychology
Conference on ‘The political psyche: contributions from Jungian analysis and depth psychology to today’s social and political issues’
My talk: ‘Political violence and the dialectics of hope’
My workshop: ‘The political self – an experiential workshop’

London: Saturday and Sunday May 25th-26th
Workshop with Nick Totton on ‘Power and vulnerability of the therapist: issues and implications

London: Saturday July 27th
‘The future: ways of thinking and working prospectively in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis’ (with Galit Atlas, Lew Aron and Susie Orbach)
My talk: ‘”The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves” (Julius Caesar): Therapy, Work, Love, Planet and Politics with the Future in Mind’

Vienna: August 25th-30th
International Association for Analytical Psychology
‘Encountering the other: within us, between us and in the world’
My talk: ‘Use and abuse of the idea of ‘the Other’: Tensions between reparation at depth and liberal hypocrisy’

Sydney: October 18th-19th
Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy
‘Mission, motivation, mystery: reflecting on the experience of psychotherapy at depth’
My talk: ‘Spiritualties in contemporary psychotherapy: personal, clinical and socio-political perspectives’
My workshop: ‘The wounded healer: experiencing vulnerability, illness and death in the countertransference’

Melbourne: Wednesday October 2nd
International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
‘A relational open forum with Andrew Samuels’

Osaka: November 2nd-3rd
International Association for Jungian Studies.
‘Jungian psychology: East and West – encountering differences’
My talk: ‘One analytical psychology or many analytical psychologies?: Moving beyond colonialism’
Contact: Konoyu Nakamura:

London: November 15th-16th
OPUS – An organisation for understanding society
‘Oh no, not another talk on “the Other”‘
Contact: Sandy Henderson:

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